Want More Followers on Instagram? Here’s How

The saying ‘build it and they will come’ really doesn’t apply online when it comes to social media and if you want to get more followers and friends, you need to hustle for them. Whether you are looking to use social media for a business or just for your own personal use, followers are something that everyone is after and today we are going to take  look at how you can attract more followers on Instagram.

Instagram is an awesome photo-sharing site which is being used by millions and here is how you can get some of them to follow your page.

Investing in Followers

There is a short cut which you can take to get more followers and there are many companies online who will offer you the chance to grow your popularity and get you some real Instagram followers. In doing this you can help to look more popular online which will in turn inspire many others to follow suit.

Engaging in Your Niche

When looking for more followers you should endeavor to find them within the niche that you are operating in and the first step is to find someone within your niche, creating great content. Once you have found people in your industry who do create content that resonates with you, you should engage with them through commenting on their page, in doing this you can expect some additional followers by way of reciprocation.


One of the simplest strategies to adopt is to simply follow as many people as possible as many of them will follow you straight back. It is said that it doesn’t look good to be following too many people and so once those people have followed you back, you can go through your list of followers and begin to unfollow them.

Hash tagging

Hash tags are a way in which social media sites such as Instagram can group together content which follows a particular theme and in adding hash tags to you content, you can increase the visibility of your profile. This means that when someone on Instagram searches for a theme which you have recently posted about, regardless of whether they are your follower or not, they will be able to find your content. If you have created good content then you could see a huge increase in the amount of followers which you have.

Content Focusing

Ultimately, at the root of gaining more followers is ensuring that your Instagram profile is filled with great content. When someone first looks at your profile, they need to be wowed with your content to inspire them to follow you. Review your profile and see if it is all at the highest level of quality that it should be. When producing new content, put in the time and the effort to ensure that it provides value, and that it looks great.

Follow these steps and you can count on plenty of new followers in no time at all.

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