Solar Refrigerator : Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Solar Refrigerator Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Solar refrigerator is a most efficient device which is used to store the vaccines, blood samples , plasma samples and others. Solar vaccine refrigerator is used in many countries in order to reduce poverty and climate change. These refrigerators uses solar energy to keep the vaccines and food items cool in summer days. In 1878, these refrigerators are first came into existence and created a bedlam in manufacture industry. Present days demand of solar refrigerator is highly increased the cost of domestic electricity is also raised. Solar freezer harness solar energy and covert solar energy into thermal energy. In rainy seasons, sonar panels stores solar energy to make it cool and prevent vaccines from spoilage.

Solar refrigerators are mostly found in rural areas and remote areas where there is no proper supply of electricity. Previously it was very difficult to protect vaccines and other research samples from spoilage in villages and remote areas. With the availability of solar freezer it become easy to perform all the research work in villages also.

Solar Refrigerator Energy Efficient Refrigerator
Solar Refrigerator Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Benefits of Solar Refrigerator

  • There are many benefits of solar refrigerator, one of the most important benefit of these refrigerator is that it is environment friendly. Solar freezer does not create any harmful effect in the environment on the other hand standard refrigerator uses HCFC which causes a replication of ozone layer. Solar freezer is absolutely free from such type of harmful gases.
  • The cost of solar refrigerator is quite high but it decrease household electricity bill. As we all know that the price of electricity is also increased and making process of electricity cause deforestation. So to stop access cutting of tress start using solar refrigeration.
  • Solar refrigerator is very handily to use and one of the efficient forms of energy generation. These refrigerators needs only 12v/24v energy instead much higher voltage. One of the main advantage of this using low voltage is that it can easily connect with the existing PV system without the danger that would come with higher voltage.
  • In solar refrigerator there is no need to take tension about dangerous leaks, exploding, electric shocks and other that are common in traditional fridges.
  • Solar refrigerators are comes in different shapes and sizes. It is very portable and easy to carry in summer days while travelling.
  • Solar refrigerators are simple and secure. The cleaning of this device is very easy and does not required monthly maintenance.
  • In solar freezer, after every three years we have to change its batteries, the dumping of these batteries are quite risky.
  • With the integration of latest technology, solar refrigerators are now become more advanced and efficient. It has inbuilt temperature controller system which ensure the sufficient temperature inside the unit.
  • Solar refrigerator does not require any hard and tough installation. It is very easy to attach with batteries. The two batteries of this device ensure that energy is stored for emergency situations like when there is no sunlight for many days. At that time solar fridge stays on and food inside it stays fresh.

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