How to perform a clean installation of Windows

The process of Windows 10 update drags different old files, programs and settings from your past Windows system to the latest one. If you need a totally fresh system, however, you have two or three alternatives. Presently, in the event that you are a propelled user or if you are running an installation or installation of Windows for a long while, you most likely need to perform a clean installation of the latest operating system.

This is predominantly useful if you have acquired another Windows 10 PC and it incorporates maker-installed bloat product you don’t need. Then again, you may need to perform a clean introduce on a PC without a current Windows system in the wake of introducing another hard drive. Obviously, you’ll pass up a great opportunity for the great pre-introduced applications, similar to the free DVD player program that accompanies numerous PCs.


A perfect installation of the Windows includes the process of formatting the hard drive. This procedure will delete everything from your PC, so fundamentally you will be beginning sans preparation. This procedure likewise implies that you will need to reestablish your own records from a reinforcement, and you’ll need to reinstall every one of your applications.

How to Clean a perfect installation of Windows

Since you have redesigned and you’re certain that Windows is enacted accurately, it’s at long last time to do the spotless installation.

Start your PC and open any web browser and at the end of the day go to this Microsoft bolster page to download Windows 10. Once you’re in the “Download Tool“, pick the Create installation media for another PC alternative to make either a USB bootable media or an ISO record that you can copy later on a DVD. On the off chance that you make a USB, you’ll require a USB drive with no less than 3GB of capacity.

Amid this procedure, you need to ensure you pick the right dialect, engineering (32-or 64-bit), and release. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea, go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System to get this data.

When you have made your installation media, reboot your PC with the USB drive or DVD you just made. Amid the reboot access your system BIOS to ensure you can boot from media with the Windows 10 installation records.

On the other hand, most PCs today offer a choice amid boot to get to a boot menu, as a rule this includes squeezing one of the capacities keys, for example, “F12”. On the off chance that you have this alternative, you don’t have to change the BIOS settings.

On the off chance that everything is going not surprisingly, you ought to see the Windows Setup. Click Next, and then Install Now. Now, you have to enter the item key, you can avoid this progression, yet entering the item key now will guarantee you’re introducing the right version of Windows 10.


Tap Next, a

Select and erase any allotment on the hard drive that you have as of now Windows introduced. In the wake of erasing all the parcels, more often than not on “Drive 0”, select the vacant drive and snap Next.

Presently the installation procedure will start, so you can now get some espresso and hold up until the installation is finished. At that point you’ll be given the out-of-box experience to arrange your installation. Here basically take after on the screen headings to arrange Windows 10 to your requirements. Amid the setup procedure you’ll be incited to utilize a Microsoft Account, so ensure you have this data prepared. You can likewise make a neighborhood account, yet in the event that you go thusly, you won’t have the capacity to exploit numerous Windows 10 components and you won’t have the capacity to get to the Windows Store to download applications.

After the arrangement, the setup will finish any remaining procedure, and after that you’ll be given the new Windows 10 desktop.

Congratulations, you’ve done it!


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