How to Password Protect and Hide Disk Drives in Windows using Hidden Disk

How to Password Protect and Hide Disk Drives in Windows using Hidden Disk

As we know that everyone loves privacy. It actually gives peace of mind to each and everyone that there’s nobody experiencing their stuff. But, it’s the greatest issue in all fields of innovation. Regardless of how hard you attempt, a few or the other way it will be imperiled. Be that as it may, we ought to never quit attempting. On the off chance that you have confidence in that, then let me demonstrate to you how you can conceal your own stuff put away in those particularly parceled plate drives on Windows.

How to Password Protect and Hide Disk Drives in Windows using Hidden Disk
How to Password Protect and Hide Disk Drives in Windows using Hidden Disk

Here, I’ll indicate how you can watchword secure your circle drives and keep your touchy information safe. In this way, right away, how about we delve in.

Hide Disk Drives in Windows

Thus, today we are going to investigate Hidden Disk. Before, we had imparted to you how you can conceal a mystery allotment in your USB streak drive. Yet, today utilizing Hidden Disk I’d like to demonstrate to you proper methodologies to shroud plate drive and it’s substance. Furthermore cover up as well as add a secret key to it.

Download and Install the product in the first place. It works well on Windows 10. Furthermore, utilizing this product is truly basic. Along these lines, we should do it.

Step-1: Create Disk

On the home screen of the product, you’ll see a Letter X. Those are really plate drive letters. You can pick whatever you need. Next, after you’ve picked your circle letter click on Create Disk.

Presently, the disk drive would be made and it ought to demonstrate to you a notice that you shouldn’t organize your framework drive or reinstall your framework. In the event that you do as such then the plate you made will get expelled. Additionally, with this notice, there’s an imperative point to note. The documents that you store in this plate drive are being put away some place on your System drive. That is the reason you’ll see the new drive you made will be named same as your System drive.

Additionally, you can make different drives by changing the drive name in the product.

Step-2: Hide the Drive

To hide the drive tap on Disable Disk. But before doing so keep in mind to include your records in the drive. After you’ve impaired it, the drive will vanish.

Additionally, another approach to make it undetectable is to close down your PC. The circle will vanish each time you close down. So now, how would you get it back?

Step-3: Open Hidden disk drive and tap on Create Disk again to make the shrouded circle noticeable.
In the event that you had included any documents in the shrouded drive then you’ll get them back in the drive after you hit Create circle (once more). Better believe it, that is a little tedious yet protection includes some significant pitfalls brother.

Presently, we should perceive how you can add a watchword to this shrouded drive.

Secret word Protect the Hidden Drive

Indeed, really you won’t add a secret word to the Hidden circle yet to the Software.

Step-1: Click on Create/Update Password

Also, on the following screen include your watchword and recuperation email. The email ID will be utilized to send you your secret word on the off chance that you overlook it.

Step-2: Accessing Software with the New Password.

You can now try out in the event that it works. Cripple the circle drive and close the product. Next time when you open it, it ought to approach you for the secret word.

So you’ve now watchword ensured your records and organizers furthermore made them undetectable.

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